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27 Aug 2011

My Two Hearts

I could treat this as a challenge and never talk to you again
It's better to break at once and walk away..than deal with the pain
Cus it's hard to define how I feel..and I have felt this once before..
When someone rushed into my heart..unlocked all the closed doors..
He had me smiling...and had me crying too..
But the truth is..I can't forget him..and I can't stop loving you..
Yes, there is a loss..and all mine to bear
Cus neither of you will really be there
A story stitched with penned in a rhyme
To a wish... what if.....either of you were mine... 

(p.s. dedicated to the fact..when you love someone..and find someone else equally worth of the love...the desperate urge to know who's the one...just right..just yours)

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