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13 Sep 2011

Broken Letter!

A remembrance now shaded in black and white
All that was red slowly turned blue
When did this begin?
That we both fell out of love
Because this thought simply can't sink in

These shadows sliding all across the floor
Talking in a language I don't know
I am waiting at the broken door
Thinking about the fight after which you walked away
It hurts to know that all our dreams met the face of no more

Keeping quiet for long
Now it is getting on to me
I tidy up the room in the corner to make place for a new name
It surprises me how all the mirrors in there
Never erase your picture and watch me lose this game

This is harder than ever said
Why the ink of pain flows over these pages?
When you and I together chose to part ways
Why am I left with emptyness
Telling a tale of my days?

I wish I could say
I love you
But a strong denial screams out loud
The treasure trunk of memories bursts open
With a desire to get lost in the crowd
However, in all of this
Did you ever want to come back to me?
And say something to make it better...
Try not to make that effort
Cus in this side of the world..Your Love is now a broken letter!!!