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2 Jul 2011

Till You Are Mine....

My heart is beating with all those words u failed to read
And you make me think 'why did i ever wear my heart on my sleeve?'
I keep on saying to myself "how did this happen to me?"
Cus the bridge was already broken and I failed to see
How would it matter to you now?
But I am walking the longest distance
Without a map and plenty of shadows that whisper each time 'to take one step more'
This reality filled with all these reflections
I would have never thought
But I guess its all  that I have got
A promise I cant  surrender
My love is a strong contender
It's not too late to back off , i know
But the way to you... is the only road my heart can see
Though there is pain and tears roll down
Though the wind blows away every candle I light
Its not easy and I keep stumbling
But if I dont try these memories will continue to sting
I dont care if takes longer than forever
Cus even with the broken pieces of my heart  I will love you more than ever!!!

p.s. I thank My Twilight struck Kid fror suggesting the title!..:)