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9 Mar 2012

Holi: Bonfire

Every Year as summer approaches the city and the calendar turns to March..One thing is sure of..Holi is coming.
I remember how as a kid my grandma use to tell me the story of Holi  and I use to love it each time. Prahlad's unfading devotion in Lord Vishnu talks to me till today.
Prayers do reach out the Almighty. You just have to keep the faith going. God always listens to you..even your murmurs ..even your guilt..even your deepest wishes..all your promises.. all your worries ..all your sorries..just all of it. He listens to you when you are angry..when you are in pain ..even when you are in love..
He patiently listens...he guides, teaches, protects and holds you in his heart...He accepts you and never abandons you.
As I stood there yesterday before the bonfire ..people from different castes came together and performed the ritual . Every one had their way of going about the whole thing. It made think no matter the differences ..there are still things which bind us it a festival..a purpose or just Love. Unity can definitely border a whole you meaning to a "I". There is something about togetherness....isn't it? ..Lets cherish it :)

Take care :)