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27 Feb 2012

Never Again

I never thought

that the hands of time

would draw us apart

and leave me with memories

that turn me cold

All of it as though burst into flames

and now we are strangers

-such- the ones- who know each others names

All this anger

along with the palette of doubt

brushed the happiness away...

Did all these sorrows

ever help anyone find a way?


have those unsaid things

ever failed to complicate the dismay?

This loneliness ..

left me bitter and broken..

following the walks of a shadow now

the feelings burns these bridges

and the distance says it all

i thought i had my heart in place..

was it mine? oh no...not at all.....

The trick of luck

it nipped away the fancies and beautiful desires

and brought me

all this mystery

that has me defining a warfare between two hearts....

I fall on my knees..

agony dances at the rhythm of my breath

these riddles and unknown answers

born to blind love's way

could only spell a defeated wish-"someday"..

The prison of thoughts

makes me scribble

two words..

every now and then....

and at every sound of love ...

it reads it aloud

"never again"...

p.s. dedicated to ....i don't know who..:P... well...someone...may be....:P