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18 May 2012

Just Flowers And Leaves

Well, My Dubai Break Has Been Awesome.
The fact that I couldn't access by blog from there was not cool.
I don't know what to write about that trip and how much.... but I will tell you this , I am amazed at the energy people have, to give life an new direction and meaning each make it purposeful and worth make it enjoyable and example for others. Life is hectic there . Family being there made things easier though. It was good to be in a place where there was so much around to see ..but damn my camera had to fall ill during this trip ...its still not done up and i miss it sorely!!!
This post about the last week in Bombay before I headed for my trip... I just wanted to go around like manic and capture everything I saw..but that wasn't possible. I couldn't hit the beach either. I walked around...Sometimes in the devilish hot summer sun.. and saw these beauties looking back at me with love. God has spent so much time in making this nature ..its colors..its various faces..the seasons...that every single detail...such meticulous work....and what have we accomplished..???!!! Turned into corporate stooges ? Made the tallest tower? Owned the most expensive car?? Yes ..what??!! I won't say I do not have any materialistic desires....But...I am not blind or ungrateful either... that I rate my wants and pleasures at top rank before what what God has created for me...!! I am marveled each time ...and blessed to witness ..touch..capture..and relish the delight of this beauty!! I hope... that some people who look nothing beyond parties ..blowing up money ..doing the wrong..wake up one day.. and look what lies before their eyes...and treasure it...!! Cause the years to come..neither do you or I know..what future may give us to see!! Its There Right NOW..AND ITS BEAUTIFUL .....Why Miss It????