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10 Sep 2011

My Three Wishes - part 1

With the last quarter of 2011 hitting in and it being my birthday month , I was just about thinking...what if the 2012 predictions stand to be true? though Idon't have major issues with it but yes, if it happens, all those dreams I built lighting the way to future will collapse ..
There are tonsssssss of things I want to accomplish before I settle me there is a long numbered list..:P
However one has got to take one step at a time...
so I want to start learning how to swim *again*, I had learned it as a kid and over a period of time I think it just evaporated somewhere..
Yes, learning to swim to overcome my fear of water and its vastness....water can be cruel , the worldly disasters are enough to prove that.
But there is one beautiful reason which makes me wanna learn how to swim ... it is one of my wish-dream- to swim with a dolphins. The stories of the blue are magical. underwater creatures are so colorful, unique and deep sea creatures ..oh my! ... Though I am not sure ,whether I'll ever be so courageous to go out there and explore, no matter how much I drool over God's wonderful creations when discovery or nat geo showcases them. So thats why i'll do whats in my reach and I don't think anything can be as cute as being with these friendly lil water buddies... sounds cool to me...:)

The creatures of the wild have their own fierceness and jaw dropping beauty. My favourites are brazilian jaguar, clouded leopard, african elephants and tigers . However a year and half ago.. I came accross the word "liger"...its a hybrid  cross between the  lion and tigress , they are kept in captivity because the habitats of the parental species do not overlap in the wild. (wikipedia). I remember nat geo showing a documentary on ligers and one them featured was -SINBAD.... its my dream to meet sinbad....yes, IT IS.
Sinbad is almost 100 times the size of a house cat and about twice the weight of a lion or a tiger. He is just adorableeee. I don't how,  I don't know when ..I don't even know if one is allowed to...but but but... I do want to meet him. Ligers have such pretty eyes ..:) if this happens it will be an experience of life time..! *fingers crossed*

And my third wish for an encounter with a snow leopard...
okay, I admit ..I am a pretty scared to get up close to can never take a chance..they have mood swings too you know. However they look gorgeous. Rebellious and Ferocious....and Magnetic. here ..take a look..

p.s. The funny part is...  I don't know if my parents will give me a go ahead for all of these three wishes. Well, no harm in sharing it with the world.