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7 Mar 2012

My Name

Tell me how did this dream begin

And what gave it fuel

Tell me how i landed up

Where i never thought i would

And when the idea never struck before..

How come i walked all this way to know..

That something was there or else why the fate would play this game

And why my world stops to cherish the moment when i hear him say My Name

The Sound Of The BELL

Sometimes we are so caught up in the daily motion of our lives that we fail to look around and stitch beauties with what we have and wander in the outside world waiting for a response to our liking.
There is something about lying on the bed each night and asking "Did I miss out on anything today?"..
Unanswered questions always lead to a deeper search, I believe .
The morning is about setting aside the notions of 'just another day' and rather focusing on 'what can be done with this day '..
I have always wanted to travel , learn new things and explore but who said laziness isn't a devil? With confusion ranking high at the place where I am right now ..I find myself at the beginning of a rainbow...everything calls out..everything is so beautiful...But...Where do I head? which way? and How?
I search..and search for the answers outside..but how often do I listen to the voice within? Rarely...
Today I found this bell...which had been my favourite once...and when my eyes fell upon it today after long...I fell in love with it once again. I remember this bell was bought by my uncle and how every member in the family tried to give themselves a chance to get the sound right.  It's pretty tough to use , honestly , its tiring as well...but..if done right, the sound ..Oh Wow...!!! :)
Isn't that the same with us too? To get the best results can be a tedious task but if we give up, the worth of trying  won't be known at all. Its really easy to opt for a shorter climb but the real joy is only attained when we are able to scale great heights. I don't say overlook the small efforts taken. No. Never. They make the pathway to something bigger and better.
Enough of giving the outside world a chance...Listen to the sound WITHIN... !!!

Take care :)