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26 Feb 2012

Can We Do It???


I can't term this as genetic fear when the boundaries set- are by my own mind. It's often difficult to decode the spluttering sounds in the head. It's weird yet true that man definitely is one of the most capable and inventive beings. Often extracting inspiration from his natural environment and slowly eating up that home where he dwells -his beloved planet.I don't know if it ever has or ever does occur to him that apart from here we have no where else to go. No matter his indigenous and amazingly remarkable ideas that tower day after day, I hope, he is aware, it's not within his humanly power to create another planet and substantiate it. As mechanical life gets with each passing  day, in this rat race that we have ushered and we proudly groom ourselves in the 'touch era', where virtual space commands dominance over our behavioral pattern now, are we forgetting to get back to the real medium of joy and the source of our being - "NATURE"..?

As I slowly prepare to launch a new me every next day rather than lying there doing nothing and waiting to be devil's bait, I am pushed  to see how carelessly still...I let time flow and fall, before i know its gone and now on the brink of no return. This gigantic wrap around us- urban jungle to be precise- would be just another non- functionable model ..set up by man if nature hadn't lent itself. It would be shameful to say that we have taken nature for granted. As progressive as we are we have walked way ahead than just merely taking it for granted. We may be the artists making these enormous dream cities but we aren't the architects of Nature , who works untiringly from moment to moment while we are busy plundering from it ruthlessly not realizing that  we are inviting a future that would leave us handicapped .

Modern day crisis - a rising devilish challenge- the devastative side of technological revolution seems to be gaining power as one day leads to the next. Nature- A Mother- her sublime lessons , as giving as she is, she could lead us to resent if our attitudes don't change in time. While what you and I would think is unfair , if she flares up with anger it would only be a rightful do on her part.

Our level of planning, execution and creation is way below the subnormal levels of what lies in Gods hands. For those out there who don't believe in God, you can't deny that the universe is in a constant state of flux and that anything can happen anytime , anywhere. Like Sean O'Casey said - All the world's a stage and most of us are desperately unrehearsed. There is no element of doubt regarding man's achievements being phenomenal and the fact he keeps taking leaps along the hands of time...and he should....BUT..not at the cost of toying around with nature.

She is the most beautiful thing you will see in all your life. Her canvas is unending and keeps you and me breathing . If lost ..what would cost us is unimaginably expensive -its our Life. I haven't seen my tomorrow..I bet you too haven't and it would take countless lives to explore all this Nature - a precious gift that rests in the palm of 'each man'...Why exploit that in this one Life that we have?

The only promising solution is to live, love, enjoy, treasure and promote further growth of this enchanting carpet of beauty around us...
rather than waiting for someone else to take the first step
rather than thinking 'how' for so long..that it wouldn't matter 'cause its will be lost
rather than weaving conversations on the web 
rather than letting the flames of our actions devour our only home
rather than just- waiting for another choice........
Frankly...there "ISN'T"...any...
Its not necessary to know it all....but it is necessary to know..that which is enough!

I conclude with the line of BBC series on Human Planet -
Stop Stripping Nature Bare With No Thoughts Of Tomorrow.!!!

Can We Do It????

                                                                 (a small portion of my conversation with nature)