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21 Sep 2011


I wanna fall asleep on your shoulder..

and wake up to see the magic in your eyes...

love has me fallen

but risen in your arms

i wish to tell you how much

words dry up..

but God bless the eyes..

for they can say everything ..!!!!


everyday..the feat levels up by hundred times

  i fall as i watch it emerge  faster than my faith

  i am  pulled down

oscillating like a leaf in the wind

  the hand that walked along with me
left me in this battle 

  i close my eyes

   and watch this tower win over me

Faith...if u could rescue...........

Drowing in your sunshine

this is not just to say 

i miss it all

its hard to figure

over this time

did you chnge or i

but a conclusion well defined 

 the feeling of this void 

i wish i cud spell it in words

but the illiteracy of the heart 

its blinded too much

drowning in your sunshine 
and i watch myself all alone in this

deaf to my own heart beat and living by yours

  the drums of love ..of a single heart fill the sky

over and over chased by my thoughts

  the flight of dreams stops at a name

but the illiteracy of  the heart 

its blinded too much

drowning in your sunshine......


If it was the only choice..

 The invisible fate closed within the lines of my hand..

I would probably do something without waitng for you to understand

But its the confusion that rules

Rejoicing like a crown on the kings head

Laughing with a thunderous sound at my ...trouble of going to bed

Dreams are lost in the ocean of doubt..

Thoughts pour down like rain
And there  is a  world  that wonders .. if the want of love has driven me insane!

Love is blind..

No...its not funny....

its not fair...

the wait doesn't paralyze the too much care...

if the clock could stop this wonder..

i would call it kind...

but it's tick-tocking blunder

makes me say that love is blind...

Silence of the NIGHT..

This where..I want to continue

Meet myself during the silence of the night

Whoever wondered why

It was never for them to know

The morning  is just a part of something incomplete

Its only the song of the wee hourz that has me at its feet!!!

A smile

The sound of d raindrops..

Dreams.. more than a million..

A mischievous poetic echo in my heart

The thunder's gentle consent..

Its a lost world...scribbled with scars and beauty

Its only another chase the dawn..

But a smile to make it all easy.. :)!!!

If it was YOU

You rob me off reality..

the dusky sky comes alive with stars..

a rose becomes the bed of a tear..

fallen in the hope of love

the eyes watch the unreal..

laughter echoes in the heart...

how nice it would be...if it was true...

how nice it would be....if it was you

Memories ..

I tip-toe with silence

into this room full of memories...

oh beautiful are they..

they wrap me up with joy..

those wonderful talks that we had...
 I wonder if those days will ever come back

The Valley Of Shame

 The valley of shame is just so deep

  And I feel this stormy silence as I drown in d ocean of guilt

  The on looker can only laugh

  For it puts his soul at peace

watching me fall apart this way

could I stop this?

  The blame is not his to take

  I know the wrong was done by me

  Are all the chances taken away?

  A little bit more broken day after day

  The valley of shame is just so deep....

cus I'll have you right here...

 I am going to keep quiet....
and let you wonder....

what m I chasing?..
if you are already in my heart...

even if the sky loses out on the star I wished upon...

I won't worry..

cus I'll have you right here..
beating inside of me..

To be Yours Forever

Because I don't know how to shine without the beauty of your heart..

and i am nothing but a shadow ..until your eyes find me...

my smile is lost in the silent words..waiting to be revealed one day..

for you to know them...for you to love me... for my heart to be yours forever..!! -