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18 Aug 2011

Under the covers of hopelessness ....

Under the covers of hopelessness
A false promise whispers secretly

The wind sways in
The moon's half cup shining gladly

 Light curtains fly over my face
My arms rest on the white window

No gentle thought seeks shelter
My mind a home for worry

It grows in number
As i grow old...

Friends are are memories
But a different path calls for my attention

Who knows where joy resides
Flowers bloom to die

I am just another person
Writing a letter to the "why"...

Distance is just an excuse
Stars live in a person's heart

 The dreams break as the sun pours out its rays
I strive through this battle

I am trying to find that name
The one who will understand ..without me having to say

A life etched in a wish
Crowded shadows eat up the prayers

A lonesome me still dares to ask for more
Grief's pattern is grim and intense for me to weep

Do words make me feel better?

Is my destiny's ink fading away?
It's good if it does.....

For long i have tried to be the master of my mind
Trying to break free from the haunting thoughts caged in my heart..

One day will arrive
Time can't be my slave

One day you will wake up to love me...
One day you will be left with only my memories...

Under the covers of hopelessness
A false promise whispers secretly..

Tell Me How Does It Feel......

Tell me how does it feel
To leave me alone..?
You walked away when I needed you
Where? Why? Remain unsaid
But stayed back in my heart
I walk these streets up and down
Restless with unflinching pain called love
A face I search
A voice I long to hear
 I close my eyes and rush across memories
The beauty of all universe comes alive
Don’t you remember me?
Did you walk over the dream we built together?
Because it hurts to live
When you know the heart that  is beating is not yours
And it hard to stick up with the belief
When luck has the trading power
Thousand questions are born before my eyes
The wait makes them rise to a million
Weak and inconsolable
Wonder seems  to orbit my mind
Tell me how does it feel
To leave me alone…


As the sky bathed in the colour of black
A hand threw a splash of silver twinkles
The moon adorned its crescent robe
There she stood behind the curtain of well tucked silk
Neat done.. in a flawless satin blue
With lips shaded in dusty rose
Her curls kissing her neck
As she rolled her eyes outside lookin at the moon , her long lashes combed with grace
And the peacock shade glimmer defining them strong
She looked away as though tired of waiting
She drew her hand closer..
With a big stone placed on the finger ...shining in the song of dark
She caressed those lilies that groomed the glass of lime green
One hand resting on window
Oh! What a pearl-like skin
A lilttle bird came and sat there and sang melodiously
As the night grew darker..
She blew of those lavender oil candles
And walked up the cobbled path
Her silent bow nipped shoe of a turquoise hue ..Up the coiled stairs
Into a room with laced cushions and well done bed
Needle to record …and on came her song of lovers
She sat on d long wooden chair and sung those words…
Poured some royal wine
When it had all got done
She cloaked her self in the light white
Walked up to her palace window
To bid the moon goodbye
A dew like tear rolled down from those champagne eyes
Still she smiled like a doll
Turned off the lights that had kept her awake
She took the pillow and looked at it wishing for someone to be there
Warmly pulled it closer
And whispered the words of love..
Then She turned away…
Shut her eyes…
For the world of her dreams was much more happier ………….

No She Wasn't Waiting!

she sat there broken
no she wasn't waiting
still and lifeless
as though she was listening to agony tell a tale
her beautiful face
gazed at a picture
wishing it could speak
wishing she could cry..
wishing she could hear his voice reach her heart ..
that silver frame ..had more than a picture in it..
the only face that loved her..more than anyone else had..
his eyes grey and deep
the charming smile that is hard to fade away..
the way he held her then..will he ever again someday?
no she wasnt waiting
her heart heard a whisper
but the tear refused to roll
as he gently came as the wind
kissing her face
the room never lost his fragrance
the lights never went off
though the days and nights had lost a count by now...
a ribbon like light shown upon her chair..
as she sat by the window..her hands on the keys..
she sung to him everynight now...
a song she had wished to sing when he was around..
but time made a cruel choice
before he met her that day..before he could hear her soul touching voice...
no she wasnt waiting...
memories from beautiful to bitter
a world torn apart
now she never falls asleep
was she sad?...was she wondering?
or was she too numb to feel all the pain?
will these million pieces of her heart fix themselves again?
could these wounds ever heal?
hundreds to stars asked each other every night...
they grew in number
each day..
just to tell her love..he will find her love once again someday...
no she wasnt waiting....!!!

The Rains...

I remember the first time I saw your face..
Sweat running down…and those big brown eyes…that lent me a smile that day..
It rained..
And way you looked out of the window…
And held those rain drops in your hand..
I watched like a bashful kid
Hiding..smiling…wishing to freeze that moment
I remember the first time we spoke…
And I couldn’t find the words..
But you spoke first and made it easy for me…
I remember all those times I would wait until you left..
Wait for you to turn around and look at me…
Even after you had said good-bye..
Cus I wished to see that smile that meant everything in the world to me..
And all of that has me waiting till today..holding on to the words- it’s meant to be…
But today.. it rained again…just like the very first day..
And an hour feels like a millennium
A thought feels like a lifetime..
These memories are overwhelming
I am lost …waiting for your brown eyes to find me..
So that this stranger’s heart can once again ..begin to see..
A world that is beautiful moment after moment..
A world that means something to her..
But for now she lives…hoping the rains will once again.. bring us together! 

 (in the memory of 3rd july 2005...11.37 am...sunday) 


The climb is steep
The road is long
What if i get crushed...or hopes breakdown?
I turn around to see...
No face looking at me
A silent tear falls to meet the ground
Alone i must tread
My hands are empty
And heart is filled with words i want to say
But i don't....cus i wonder..what would you do...if you got to know...someday...
I have learnt to find the best within the trying times...
Something fails me to do so this time
What must i do to make it alright?
Cus the harder i try..
It pulls me down...
And its hard to find the one name i must trust..
And its not easy to know...when to let go...
But i keep walking on...
Brittle joy..and broken dreams follow me like a shadow..
Darkness and light seem to be one
When a thousand suns fail o make my world bright...
What am i seeking?
Healing...? Or more pain along this way..?
For i wish to know what has been keeping happiness away...
The day i find that answer...
A million questions will escape from my mind...
And....Someday...the road will be a JOURNEY.......