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16 Sep 2012

OH Dear..

this week has been super fast . It feels like sunday just went just. the coming week will spell alot of planning ...alot of sorting work to start..decide specific avenues ups..and gosh i can't even remember what more..i just know more :)
there was once upon a time ..i loved getting to know people , somehow that took a backseat ..but i m glad i am trying to get back to that Me , its going to be slow ..but eventually :)
whats been new - ahh .trying to sleep early ..(shh i fail at it though )
whats been the same - ahh that i m still spending money like water
what i wish changes - my anger and manner of talking its become way to rude
whats fun- classes each day ..oh i am such a happy girl then
what sucks - ..the fact that i dont know what career to chose , that i dont have a job , i m not a good learner, my art is going to the dogs , certain other stuff...and eh growing up...
what i am thinking about right now- ganu coming home
what i dearly miss- gakkai, friends, roxy, childhood.
whats up next-err sleep ..maybe ?
what song i am hooked onto these days - oh well- undone  and ishqwala love
whats something i have been waiting to do- watch moviesssss
what i am looking forward to post two months - oh goshhhhh exams...and assignments ...n north trip :):)..amritsar will hopefully- finally happen :)  satnam waheguru :)
what in store for tomorrow- a poem i have been wanting to complete since long and lots more.
to you reading this ..
this was what my birthday was like ...