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9 Sep 2011

The Game Of Love...

Another person...another trick
Its the game of love that makes you sick 

Burnt and played
Fallen and swayed 

The foolish things that cast their charm
He is the winner and you are at harm 

Believing the lies...blinded to the true
He made a home in your heart just to break you 

And then you ask..why did i..stop n stay
The moons comes down to ask 'may i share your dismay?' 

Where should you go? To whom should you tell...?
Who will you blame...the man or his spell? 

Tossing n turning the waves of thoughts crash like a bolt of lightning cracking up the sky
More sleepless than ever...too broken to give it another try... 

The chalk of mystery slowly filling up the slate...
Once called re named as bad side of fate...