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28 Aug 2011

Up Here In My Heart..

So I felt something..
Did you feel it too...?
Up here in my heart..
Every knot untied

Now love flows..and fills the air around me and you...
Somebody robbed the stars from the skies
And lit up the street of my dreams
Every worry swore to die
Every smile came alive...

Oh YES..
This feels right..
After stumbling several times
Finally I found a hand to hold
A one with whom I can be myself..

Fairy tales are magical..
But reality just got ten times more beautiful...
I seek no more shelter
For I am the heart of someone's life now..

Chased for a long time by wonder...I am done with all that
I walk this road now...with every wish fulfilled ..and beating within the name...engraved in my heart..
So I felt something....
Did you feel it too ??? :)