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24 Mar 2012

Dad...and the Dragon Pen

Well, Ever since Mom gifted me the Dragon- look pen...and Papa placed a bargain , I knew .. I surely won't give this pen to Dad. Yes, I like fighting with my Dad. We are like friends...not best friends...but good friends for sure. There are days when I drive him to his wits end. But  I look's like a picture I can carry along. My papa has been my support..the man who didn't refuse me bike rides as kid..the man who still wonderfully takes care of me..and yes the man to whom I tied two pony tails as kid..and did head massages with my tiny fingers. Now I am just a grown up who likes to throw her weight around. Be ME! yes...we really quarrel could be for diaries , remote, name it boss. But I am happy to share this comfortable relationship  with my Dad. I know for a matter of fact that he is the only one in this whole wide world..who watched me cry and smile for the first time. Who held my baby fingers and taught me how to walk. My life would be like a purposeless universe without both my parents. I till date thank him for marrying Mom. She has a gorgeous heart. Look ..I am not trying to come accross as someone..who is the best possible child. I have been a bad kid on some occasions , nothing drastic though...I have had my set of fights and dealt with misunderstandings...and Boy..the battle continues. But I am just here to say..I am still very much the little girl...(maybe I don't have a large heart like them).. but I am here...and they on the highest pedestal in my the ocean of love ..and their warmth just brings me back to a wonderful me. I wake up to experience Life each day because of them .

To where I started from..yes that pen..well my dad never got was my gift no? but when I walked into the shop and saw a bigger better dragon pen...the first word that roared in my heart was DAD!! the picture..:) Like Dragon Daughter...Dragon Dad..;)!! yes...he finally got the pen..:)