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4 Sep 2012

Hid Myself In The Closet ...

Hid myself in the closet
I was afraid to come about..
He stepped in gently 

To guard me and share a few words..
I was broken
Felt like I had lost all the worth..

Then a tear rolled…
I hadn’t spoken a word..
But the eyes said it all..
Woes and worries of a heart..that was waiting to be heard..

I slept off under the sheets of..doubts that crippled my veins..
And I watched the emotions get abused..slowly beard  the pain

He caught hold of my hand and placed it next to his heart…
I eventually surrendered my world....that was on the edge of falling apart..

We spoke for days together…and nights were spent in a wait..
I was enchanted by the magic not realising I was times bait..

Then the halt came..
My hands just try catch the pouring rain..
At this moment…I wonder if things would  ever change..

I heard a mocking laugh…
Coming from the chambers within…
Throwing questions at me.. the speed of which.. drives me insane..

I stay up all these nights..
And hide away in that closet again…
Somehow a tomorrow stops by… to declare its all in vain..

The shadows are falling now..
The clouds roll in..
He who came gently..
will he ever come by…?

Or is it
All the love ..ever to happen…
Was sealed in a goodbye..

The moon is gracing the heaven
And the stars light up the sky…
I’ll stay awake in my sleep….
In the world ..where dreams don’t know to lie….

p.s. its been such an awful day ...apart from the downpour which is keeping me every single thing is messed up....
what a start to the week...?!
*rests the head on the pillow*..
I dont even have the stars to kiss me goodnight....