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16 Nov 2011

Because I am falling for the memory 

Shared between you and me

And what could I do

To let you know

That even though I didn’t say a thing..

You meant everything

I recall the past

And your loving words

Never were they displaced 

From my heart space

Changes live on till eternity

But what if we could 

Take a moment to think

And walk through the journey

We have had till now

I know you miss it

And find it hard to say it

Its not your mistake

You have been hurt before

I have been through that tremor too, in my heart’s core

So I know what it feels like

But if I let you imagine

The possibility of us

I promise you’ll find a cloud higher than nine

And you’ll find a forever..arching beyond the end of time

But I’ll let you be

For a while with your mind

I wont trade my heart with a another in this crowded place

But I’ll end up stealing yours as you leave me with no choice in this case

So enjoy your time and read your thoughts

Give your self time to wonder and fall for those memories too

And hear those whispers – “This is just the one..meant for you”