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1 Oct 2011

To Life....

Change alone is eternal, perpetual, immortal.
Arthur Schopenhauer

True, I say, thats the only word that comes to my mind when I read this quote.
Every single day..a new leaf in the dairy... every thought- fuel for a new dream..eventually life.
They say it ...if we were to know everything thats going to happen, what will be the point of living then.
The perpetual and mystifying ways of life is a discovery that remains unconquered , sometimes entangles man. 
He fears..He worries ..He dares ..He dreams.

Yesterday...I  was low...terribly...almost cemented within the boundary called - I hate my bloody life...
I was thinking...if God came down... he and I'll have the most horrifying showdown . It was about time the way things were happening with me should was about time that people understood..its about time that life moves on.
I wanted to breakdown, scream, and yell my worries out.
I wanted to take something and break it..
I wanted to punch my hand, injure myself to feel the pain of something else - more than what  I was feeling then I know all of this may sound as if I am trying to exaggerate...but no.... its all true
But its been 28 hrs since then and I feel different
I feel ...Terrible yet... but for different reasons....first bit was of complains...and now its- how thank less can I be.
Agreed my Life isnt awesome...or any way I'd like to be..
But if I look around ...and of what needs the other people are deprived... I feel shattered...that sight along with the scar of pain clings on to my heart. really do wonder...why is there so much suffering around? why the beggars? why the hungry? why the disabled ? why the rich- so poor at heart? just a WHY..that rises like a typhoon and churns your life state- your mind set- the wishes of your heart.
Today I am happy-thankful- whatever the events may be... I am glad... I can see the world...the tall growing trees, the blossoming pinks, the vast spread sky....  I am glad I can hear the sound of the birds...the music of the mothers voice.. I am glad I can feel the velvet.. the rain ..I am GLAD. And  I accept....THE Change that walks into our life..  it is a partner forever... from the time you breathe the time for goodbye.
I am glad that Life happened to me... and no matter how hard I have to strive..I will.. and embraces these changes warmly... just as Nature accepts the changes in mankind...Just as Gods accepts us for who we are...Just as our heart accepts us. I'll walk hand in hand..Its but one Life to Live...and Live it ALL....
I'll nurture it with Love...and pour my every bit of energy to be myself...and not as the way world wishes..(the wishes keep changing all the time :P)..just saying...;)
To Life....
From Darkness To Dawn
Beneath Your White Wings
I Bloom In Seven Colours
I Dance In Your Rhythm
I Fall Asleep In Your Warmth
You Keep Me Alive
I Keep You Breathing
I AM CHANGE!!!!!! :)