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19 Mar 2012

Dub Sound and Skittles

14th March 2012.. I walked into this tiny apartment turned into a studio , hoping I would get the job and learn something new. A small room where the dubbing happens and the next room where the mixing happens and a tiny passage outside space to wonder and type. I wasn't alone, I do know someone at my work place, my Mums's I do have company. :)
I hate the way I can be judgmental . I hoped for my boss to be an extremely confident and knowing the tact of handling stuff..turns out she ain't that - Oh so wow! But well I hope as we go along...we both learn something from one another. She hasn't been rude to me yet..and she better not..I haven't done anything stupid to get her mad at me.
So it's been 5 days so far- ask me if I want this job and I'll say- you know...I don't really know. It's creative of course, I am getting to learn too..well lets say like writing roman Hindi for the past national language puts me in such a dilemma. But its nice. Not a  management drag job yet. Its good to experience different things in life..just like my last job which was nearly two an assistant to a designer. I just need to grow up to believe that confusion at times can make life fun and fabulous :P
2nd day at the job and my boss asked me to go into the dubbing room and "lend my voice".. trust me I froze. Though I have always wanted to do a voice over ..but haha...My nervousness just killed the 'dubbing luck'..:P a flat voice, speaking at a fast train speed..and man how can you catch up with the expressions when you gotta speak so fast.?:P haha...I wanna go in for training for dubbing...God willing one day! I had a classic expression on my face when I heard the dubbed voice...I was in absolute denial...haha I didn't like my voice at all. :P well, one day..I 'll get there. Thank God that voice didn't go in for the final dub .  My mum's friend  and I ..have been upto scripting for now...The Adrenaline Project Season 2.  My shoulder hurts and eyes droop reading and much..yawwnnn. But I guess it's just a paragraph in this chapter.
All this while someone else too kept me company...the Skittles of course... a sweet girl needs something / someone who understands her. I guess sweets just fit in right! :)
I couldnt get the pictures from the mixing room and the one from the dubbing room ain't that clear..but well, one day..when my boss isn't around and the dubbing room is not occupied...I'll quickly get better pictures. For now...Some Skittles and back to scripting .
You have a great weeeekkk :)