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11 Mar 2012

You were on the other side...

You were on the other side 

While I was looking at you

A search ..Quietly showed up on your face

You were submerged in her thoughts

Your eyes glistened 

As the whistle of memory blew out loud..

A racing Heart..

And then...a tear trickled down your face..

My feet didn't allow me walk and hold your falling heart..

I knew I'd be hurt

For that if held...

Still wouldn't be mine..

How deeply you love her yet..

And Wait...

But you never turn back and look...

What if she is there somewhere behind..


Needing the warm embrace of love..

How can you still be so sure..

That she is still on the other side

You were on the other side...

While I was looking at you....

Gifts from Mom

I Love the way my Mom pampers me all the time.
A few days are a few things that came as a surprise from her.
And needless to say I love them all....but most of all my Mom..:)