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29 Feb 2012


Sparrows aren't exotic birds of course.. but they are cuteee
well, atleast for me
i had been trying for a while.. to get my camera lens to meet their perfect pose but they were tooooooooo quick and would just fly away
however.. today, i managed to catch a pose by one
haha how i wish they knew...i was just a friendly photographer ..
here it is

Valentines 2012

Because i didn't want to leave this month..without sharing about that day for which this month is known
yes, Valentines Day
where most new couples must have worked at making this day special for one another.. i barely had the time to even  think about Mr Right..:P
the day was hectic , running pillar to post , a chaotic bedroom , not catching on the romantic movies being aired that day. was just not fun
so evening before i got back home... i went to the beach, there is something beyond the boundaries of 'just' watch a sunset. the beach was really crowded that day, well it had to be..and oh my..the high tide . it wasn't was noisy ...BUT..beautiful.
the night was a party time and i wasn't  interested at all...loud music, voices and more voices, food galore, philosophical discussion and the jog back into memories. ...well, i decided to stay aloof..just waiting for the day to end..get back home and crash. all of this...these beautiful lil things is what left me smiling ..:)
here..take a look...