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3 Apr 2012

Wherever She Goes

Where ever she goes
She wants to leave behind
Trail of laughter spun by memories
Lessons learnt along the passage of time
The beauty of Friendship
The giggle in your heart
The dreams of tomorrow
Her talks.. random like her
Her mischief that could leave you in awe
Her eyes ..where your smiling face resides
Her words that could keep you warm through the winter
The jewel of her love that would keep you shining through the dark
Her wish ..that you always remain happy
Who said she isn't crazy
And life hasn't driven her insane?
She still needs learning
And she still needs you
But when your hopes crumble
She will still be around
Holding you with the strength of her prayers
Wiping those tears
When the fear walks in
Listen to her whispers ..they'll tell you not to give up
And when it rains down..
Imagine she is looking at you
Smiling in her heart
Watching you embrace life with love
For where ever she goes
She'll carry you along
Just like the sky..look up to you with love
In her Universe you belong ..
Where ever she goes...she will still be with you!! :)

Wherever she goes :)!