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31 Aug 2012

What Would It Would Have Been IF?

So ..the eighth month of hitting the end  of the road. Around a month and a half since classes started. New  dimension ..and new "samples" :P!!
September made things special for me only because of Ganu.
And maybe september  WAS special for the rest 22years back. I can bet my money on the fact its changed a hell lot now.
Anyway..I won't go there..unless I plan to have a disturbing night.
Apart from all those ridiculous bits that made me sulk big time today..I am just so glad when I am at college...
New friends.. Fun talks... wonderful learning...and trying to crack the codes in the brain real hard.
Honestly with this course- which I thought would be an amazing creative jaunt- I feel at level zero... far off in the league though I was never a part of this imaginative world before.
I can't say how much..yes how much is there for us to learn. It amazes me time and again ...and the only thing I take back from that we'll remain learners through the rest of our lives.
This week has been crazyyyy..I won't say all that was planned was accomplished...Alot wasn't... and man is the coming week going to be mentally challenging and creatively stimulating and down right hectic OR What..??!...believe me...I kinda shudder at the mere thought.
I had such amazing plans...for work to get done and over..n work to start off..n probably read books..write ..draw...nothinggggggg really came through *cries with a baby face* . I have a PhD in *grumbling and whining*...:P and Double Masters in being a * being a spendthrift*. When I really want to buy something...I want it...yes...I do...and if I don't have that kind of fortune..then... I apply my PhD..:P!
And well there is someone who brings this cute little smile right there on my face and of course I won't say who here;)!! But lets just say... I am being silly all over again. The gait  of silly and me...get along so well..ahh the past will narrate it fabulously for your entertainment ....
And before I call it a night

here are a few more words..

Unaware and Almost Lost
I was held on to the tips of reality
By a jar of thoughts
And suddenly the balance dropped..
Gravity called it a Win
And once again
I curled up on the sideways of journey
I never wanted to begin
I met those eyes
I saw a smile..
My heart  trembled... but..
 Feet managed to walk that mile
Tell me now..
Why again
Have I been invited to play this game..
I will lose once again for sure..
Cus I am stolen from myself ..once more

p.s. Not LOVE ( in this case surely can't be..won't be..)..Just a crush :P:P!!! ...But just in case ..What IF...?!!! :P:P:P!!!