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12 Mar 2012

A Random Monday

Today has been such a lousy day.
The terrible lower back pain and then of course my phone wanted to go for a swim , not caring about the "dare you do that" sign.
It's been a random day. Messy room..(which is now clean), the hugeeeeeeeee list of pending work , chocolates that don't call out, the camera is asleep  and my mind is in a lost jungle. Monday Blues ?? Well, I am not working yet so weekend or weekdays doesn't really matter... the blue, pinks, yellow and fellows :P haven't yet made their way into my day yet. And you bet I don't want them. But this grey stuck around...and stuck around like a empty frame...Should  I be thankless for the black bit..or thankful for the leaves me confused. Appreciation is a hard job ..:P
I just picked up a few pastels and ended up doing this..
I don't know what it is...or what it depicts ...
But I do know... I desperately need to get back to art ...cus my imagination is going to the dogs lately and my patterns don't seem to find a way. haha...The head is such a miraculous place....everything at times is so perfect there until it really happens ...:P

This Monday has indeed signed into my life with some trouble ..and I could bet my money on the won't leave me for a while.

I hope you start / started your week  on a better note. Take care.