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2 Apr 2012

Bicycle Days !

April's first week has walked in wearing a bright sunny (baking us into cookies) weather in Bombay.
I quit my job early last week...temp job I mean ..(wait ...was that even a job?), as I had to leave for holiday In this week. And ...Now  ..its 2.45am ..Monday Morning..My  college assignment questions have been uploaded but I don't even want to  look at them . My holiday tickets are ready ...and they will have to delayed , I don't want to lug the tension of assignments there after all. I will have to carry the books though. The TV is on mute , The sound of the fan and the A/c, My new phone which is so hard to figure (right now at least) , The grip of the feeling called -  Jealousy (don't ask me why). Lots be done before I leave for my short vacation..and a hell lot more to be done and learnt when I am back . Career to be decided .. Job location..University /College ( incase  I want to study further) , Driving , Cooking , Art (hopeully) ..AND a longggggggg list...

Take me back  to the land called - "10 years ago".. and this time was  vacation time...!! meeting up with friends, chilling, no rush of future, no concrete dreams , easy life (it still is) , school crushes , movies , early to bed..early to rise , no sense of gucci ...or dior, nothing like " I dont want to meet them or talk to them ..cus I have no answer to ' what are you upto in life?' " , the statement like - "when will I make my own money?" or "I am such a irresponsible person"..never dared to crop up then. Of course things have changed now...I mean When I see my younger sister at that same place...there is a massive difference. Youth is more aware today , more indulgent , more like rebellious go -getters , stylish -back- answering ..dudes and chicks.. also I won't miss out on calling them as the herd of black-berryans, ..the facebook and twitter is so normal, late night parties , sleepovers , the royal blue and hot red, the spiked hair and cars with loud music ...ohh I could go on. (but amongst these wild and varied  tech savvy teens of today still lies a segment  of them ..that understands and behaves in a matured manner , is responsible , works down every bit of the sweat to own thier dreams, encourages and manages to shine as an example ). Everything back then for me was a relaxed scene this sort of drama as such. I think  (no its not generation gap ) its just the load of  ' what the society sees us as ...and based on that how we judge ourselves '
I am here today...22...crawling to 23.. looking back and thinking ...If that childhood just family , my life....cartoons, maggi , playing downstairs , listening to grand ma (dadi ) tell stories , short visits at my  grandma'splace (nani)..playing with her pet- slim worry of ' I really need to get going with my life now '..the rain dance... the bicycle rides with music on walkman on ...yes...I wish I could re live it ...yes I do.
If I say.. I don't have regrets...I'd be lying. But...yes the fact is..someday you have dust yourself, stand up and walk on ..for you never know... may be what's worth yet awaits your joyous arrival...
I have plenty of dreams and sometimes when I think about it.. the thought of  "How will I accomplish them?'...exhausts me.
The moments of past don't return (unless history plans to repeat itself)..:P and yes the tomorrow hinges upon today. I think I have to begin my journey by lighting up the street with the word called "Believe"...
It's a powerful thing ..I have heard.
So I am going to give it a try .. again ...:)!!!

This picture ..outside the mall out here took me back to my 'school girl' days. I used to love riding the bicycle then. Yes, I do want to ride it.  I don't know if it can handle my weight now..:P but as I said ..I'll give it a try..and Believe that's its going to be Fab!!

Have a Great Week .
Take Care