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29 Mar 2012

Love Story.......Where do I begin..

The First Book read... Love Story...yes Love story.
Just walking by the hill road was post 7 in the evening. I saw a man selling second hand books. I held my dad's hand and said "I want that" was the novel titled - Love Story ..
well ..papa gave  me that look which clearly said in the unspoken ( always buy these books and magazines but never read any ) and i gave papa..the innocent, angelic look..;) and there.. i had the book.....
Ask Mom..she'll tell you for how long has she been trying to get me to read. yes... i am not a reader...but i do read what i like. I just fear books a bit.
But..I said come what may..I have to read this book. And i promised myself a tiny reward for it too. Well..I can't tell you how much i love this book...afterall.. i owed the reading to my favourite signature tune..that belongs to the movie made on the book.
yes..Oliver Barrett IV owns my heart. I have never stayed awake to read a book. infact it's always been the opposite. I smiled...giggled with yawns and sleepy eyes..said awww so many times...ran my fingers over the words where i could relate...and was left moist eyes in the end.
Love has different meanings for different people... I am still to discover what it means to me.
All i hope this Erich Segal book..marks my beginning into the world...that i have heard about...but never taken the effort to venture...
To Me...Oliver Barrett IV..some smiles...some thoughts..
"let's run" ..she said..
"lets stay and fight " I said.
p.s. One day...Someone..who'll cast my fear and worries  away..and if not.....well..we will have plenty of smiles to fill the room of time. :)!

my reward for reading the book

"I smiled. How she loved simple things in life"..- one of my fav lines from the book. :)