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4 Sep 2011

Homeless Dreams...

These homeless dreams..
Long for a voice to call them out

They walk like drunkards
Barely in their senses..

Fed by liars empty words
A direction does them no good

When the world has discarded them all..
Weak and defeated..
Its their fate to be..

But a world within this world thrives on it..
The eyes that fail to read beauty
Adversity chains up their mind

Even the day is cloaked up like the dark night
No silver lining
No grain of hope

Their stories twirled up in whispers
For them the moons and stars are of no use..
Its these homeless dreams that keep them going..for they have nothing else left to lose..

(p.s. dedicated to those who give up on life..get crushed under the weight of tormenting circumstances in life)

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