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15 Sep 2011

To ..Determine.....

The determination to win is the better part of winning.
Daisaku Ikeda

well, so today has been a terrible day health wise..  
fever, cough, cold, body pain, a nerve getting pressed..unable to walk..talking in a dinosaur voice..heavy head..and trust me nothing about it feels good.
the food didnt taste like food
chocolate tasted bitter
i couldnt watch much t.v.
couldnt listen to music (my ears hurt)
couldnt read...
and many more couldn'ts for today.. 

then came the evening when i had to see my doctor as the pain was unbearable (still is)...and i thought if i woke up or walked or sat..I'll be soooo gone.
reading the words i quoted above..gave me that rope to get up and take the correct action.
i stepped out of house...walked like a 90 year old woman with a horrible hunch back.. but i had to.
i hate medicines ( i don't think any one enjoys them)
but i wanted to be all right
that was the only thing i knew
so i went on
and believe me the moment i got out..and felt the wind gush across my face (though i was feeling cold) i enjoyed it....
the sound of the traffic
the people just busy up doing their own things
the transit of hundred emotions in a single minute..
it lives....because we determine  to...
that tiny speck of desire..slowly transforming into hope...decides your actions of today..
and nurtures  that beautiful sapling called tomorrow...:)
i determined today....because i know life is beautiful...
weird..dramatic...crazy... but beautiful ...and a real task master..
just imagine...if you didnt have these moments...what at all would you called life...

i don't know how tonight will be...
if sleep will come or pain will keep me awake...
whatever the case may be...
tomorrows sunshine seeks my love...and thats enough to get me through... :)

hope you are good...
and determining to win each day..
love :) 


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