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5 Mar 2012


Meet snowy...
While  I was at my sisters examination center and the crowd of parents kept increasing, I decided to spend time with this white precious gentleman holding quiet a pose there.
He was extremely friendly and so loving.
He came to see off his dear friend Sumana and wish her luck.
I couldn't help but go down on my knees and tell him I love you a several times...Man he loved the pampering.
The anxiousness around and this amazing friend there..haha..what a contrast.
No matter how super genius we humans become..we still need to learn soooo much from these animals.
Of course they have their mood swings and certain characteristics but still....their love is amazing.
Just sooo accepting are they. They are not concerned where do you come from , what job you have, what degree you have....nothing of those. They are just there to love you and be loved. leave you astonished at times...haha...
I eagerly wait for that day when I'll have my own ...loving pet !!!

Snowy's quick photo shoot :)

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