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27 Aug 2012

Peep..before the Sleep..

wow...!!! Long time eh!
Haha..i enjoy the way we were asked to blog umpteen number of times in our class. Our social media teacher is working her tactics to get us to rip out internet and learn more than Facebook posts.
Talking about the internet..Life somehow seems impossible without it. (ssshhh ..I am Facebook Addict)...
There is so much lying out there ii the vast virtual world to explored. Fun part- the technicality.. to what seems a cake walk... is  so difficult and how.
I am enjoying the way my new course is trying to align my Life.
Its whispering into my ears each night..tomorrow..something new, something different..please for that creative person and let it loose .
We make mistakes.
Its ridiculous to think we will get it right in the first go itself.
Trying is the only option. It can be tiring , can burn you out, can make you angry ...but once...yes goes all perfect experience a magic.. a magic only and only you could create.
We have been asked to go on a hunt.. to be count set a bar higher than the rest and then drag ourselves to it come what may.
Reading, Writing and more...!
I face the mini storms, yes, each day.
But that doesn't ebb my hopes , dreams, ambitions and the desire to achieve stuff that some  i know will call.."no never...its impossible..especially with you"..
And my driving lessons give me a slight headache. I am so distracted all the time...but...So happy when the road is wide..long and empty. ( haha i keep thinking about Paul Walker and Vin Diesel  super speeedddd and loud music) :P
Its going to be a long week with lotsssss to do.. and lots to plan form the coming month...pheww..
and wow..I miss my friends and gakkai members so much these days..
Anyway birthday is coming and i'll be off for a trip with the college fellas..Hoping to come back with great memories from there...:)!!! eshhhh I don't want to grow up....P.S. I can't stop thinking about my birthday cakeeeeee..:)!!!!!

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