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1 Jul 2011

Fossils Of Misery

At the stroke of midnight
The moon abandoned the sky
Hundreds and thousands ran through an empty street
Cries and screams spoke loud in those furious hours
Mashed flesh thrown away
My eyes pleaded me to move away, my feet almost turned cold
I witnessed the spines of hope that had been cut
Some were turned into spokes of lethal mind
The mothers kissing the wounds and the cuts of her child calling him back
A cloud of unprecedented fright and fear loomed
It rained heavily at that time
People swam through the pool of blood
The age of great dark sin had arrived
The cruel human had dismissed peace
He wore a thick canopy of terror
He disguised himself with neat leather of falseness
Thoughts laced with cowardice and  heart beating with hatred
He perhaps has turned the world just as he wanted
He has summoned a dreadful future
This was not the world where I belonged or had hoped to live
Ruthless heart and cunning desires had set their rule
Each moment bore fruits of evil torture and unkind deeds
Nobody wished to help the other
Everyone stood up with their sharp swords simply to behead and seek revenge
The once unselfish were now becoming greedy running in a race for wanting more
He killed, he slaughtered but for satisfying his hideous pride
What a future has he ushered?
What goodness does this bring?
My eyes split wide open when I saw this truth
The brutal nature of mankind , I fear is on its way to create history of these petrifying acts
I splashed the water of pure Ganges with a want to clear this vision
I tried to wash out these bitter memories from my heart
“Oh Lord shower some mercy , let Man realize that he himself is de-structuring a world next to heaven , let him be brave and now and again rebuild it with fortune of peace” my soul shrieked.

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