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1 Jul 2011

The Unknown World

There is a world
Where I use to live
Once upon a time
When all things seemed all mine
Beautiful thoughts were permanent
And life to heart’s content
But now I dwell
In a mask of the universe unknown
The shadows of dark overlay
There are no rains and storms
The winds just groan and thunder speaks rude
The apathy is spread all around
The smiles lie dormant
Piles of worry lying around in every corner
The web of sadness seems to be growing each day
All the flowers in the garden have withered away
Snow is as good as dust just resting by the window
And sunshine hasn’t visited since long
The mirror of my eyes reflect nothing but colorless tears
My heart has forgotten to be like itself
Agony soaks my soul
No friends no foes
No faces to remember
Just a me
A me all around
Dreams have forgotten to whisper
And unhappy stories I read aloud
Those  cheerless poems
I sit by the slate grey stone
Beneath a leafless tree
Just looking away to nowhere
Footprints of hope slowly disappear
I see my fear groom and come say ‘hello’
I want to run
But the feet don’t wake up
I want to talk
But the river of words has dried up
I want to call the angels
But I am too scared
God I doing what now
I don’t want him to come and rescue me
For the world outside needs him much more than I
His mercies, his generosity must first dawn upon them
I’ll wait for this huge tide to turn and ebb
I’ll wait for thorns to show me the way to the rose
A one that can grow anywhere
Blossom and glow
I’ll wait for time to complete my story.

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