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18 Aug 2011


As the sky bathed in the colour of black
A hand threw a splash of silver twinkles
The moon adorned its crescent robe
There she stood behind the curtain of well tucked silk
Neat done.. in a flawless satin blue
With lips shaded in dusty rose
Her curls kissing her neck
As she rolled her eyes outside lookin at the moon , her long lashes combed with grace
And the peacock shade glimmer defining them strong
She looked away as though tired of waiting
She drew her hand closer..
With a big stone placed on the finger ...shining in the song of dark
She caressed those lilies that groomed the glass of lime green
One hand resting on window
Oh! What a pearl-like skin
A lilttle bird came and sat there and sang melodiously
As the night grew darker..
She blew of those lavender oil candles
And walked up the cobbled path
Her silent bow nipped shoe of a turquoise hue ..Up the coiled stairs
Into a room with laced cushions and well done bed
Needle to record …and on came her song of lovers
She sat on d long wooden chair and sung those words…
Poured some royal wine
When it had all got done
She cloaked her self in the light white
Walked up to her palace window
To bid the moon goodbye
A dew like tear rolled down from those champagne eyes
Still she smiled like a doll
Turned off the lights that had kept her awake
She took the pillow and looked at it wishing for someone to be there
Warmly pulled it closer
And whispered the words of love..
Then She turned away…
Shut her eyes…
For the world of her dreams was much more happier ………….

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