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18 Aug 2011

No She Wasn't Waiting!

she sat there broken
no she wasn't waiting
still and lifeless
as though she was listening to agony tell a tale
her beautiful face
gazed at a picture
wishing it could speak
wishing she could cry..
wishing she could hear his voice reach her heart ..
that silver frame ..had more than a picture in it..
the only face that loved her..more than anyone else had..
his eyes grey and deep
the charming smile that is hard to fade away..
the way he held her then..will he ever again someday?
no she wasnt waiting
her heart heard a whisper
but the tear refused to roll
as he gently came as the wind
kissing her face
the room never lost his fragrance
the lights never went off
though the days and nights had lost a count by now...
a ribbon like light shown upon her chair..
as she sat by the window..her hands on the keys..
she sung to him everynight now...
a song she had wished to sing when he was around..
but time made a cruel choice
before he met her that day..before he could hear her soul touching voice...
no she wasnt waiting...
memories from beautiful to bitter
a world torn apart
now she never falls asleep
was she sad?...was she wondering?
or was she too numb to feel all the pain?
will these million pieces of her heart fix themselves again?
could these wounds ever heal?
hundreds to stars asked each other every night...
they grew in number
each day..
just to tell her love..he will find her love once again someday...
no she wasnt waiting....!!!

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