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18 Aug 2011

Tell Me How Does It Feel......

Tell me how does it feel
To leave me alone..?
You walked away when I needed you
Where? Why? Remain unsaid
But stayed back in my heart
I walk these streets up and down
Restless with unflinching pain called love
A face I search
A voice I long to hear
 I close my eyes and rush across memories
The beauty of all universe comes alive
Don’t you remember me?
Did you walk over the dream we built together?
Because it hurts to live
When you know the heart that  is beating is not yours
And it hard to stick up with the belief
When luck has the trading power
Thousand questions are born before my eyes
The wait makes them rise to a million
Weak and inconsolable
Wonder seems  to orbit my mind
Tell me how does it feel
To leave me alone…

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