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18 Aug 2011

The Rains...

I remember the first time I saw your face..
Sweat running down…and those big brown eyes…that lent me a smile that day..
It rained..
And way you looked out of the window…
And held those rain drops in your hand..
I watched like a bashful kid
Hiding..smiling…wishing to freeze that moment
I remember the first time we spoke…
And I couldn’t find the words..
But you spoke first and made it easy for me…
I remember all those times I would wait until you left..
Wait for you to turn around and look at me…
Even after you had said good-bye..
Cus I wished to see that smile that meant everything in the world to me..
And all of that has me waiting till today..holding on to the words- it’s meant to be…
But today.. it rained again…just like the very first day..
And an hour feels like a millennium
A thought feels like a lifetime..
These memories are overwhelming
I am lost …waiting for your brown eyes to find me..
So that this stranger’s heart can once again ..begin to see..
A world that is beautiful moment after moment..
A world that means something to her..
But for now she lives…hoping the rains will once again.. bring us together! 

 (in the memory of 3rd july 2005...11.37 am...sunday) 

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