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18 Aug 2011

Under the covers of hopelessness ....

Under the covers of hopelessness
A false promise whispers secretly

The wind sways in
The moon's half cup shining gladly

 Light curtains fly over my face
My arms rest on the white window

No gentle thought seeks shelter
My mind a home for worry

It grows in number
As i grow old...

Friends are are memories
But a different path calls for my attention

Who knows where joy resides
Flowers bloom to die

I am just another person
Writing a letter to the "why"...

Distance is just an excuse
Stars live in a person's heart

 The dreams break as the sun pours out its rays
I strive through this battle

I am trying to find that name
The one who will understand ..without me having to say

A life etched in a wish
Crowded shadows eat up the prayers

A lonesome me still dares to ask for more
Grief's pattern is grim and intense for me to weep

Do words make me feel better?

Is my destiny's ink fading away?
It's good if it does.....

For long i have tried to be the master of my mind
Trying to break free from the haunting thoughts caged in my heart..

One day will arrive
Time can't be my slave

One day you will wake up to love me...
One day you will be left with only my memories...

Under the covers of hopelessness
A false promise whispers secretly..


  1. Powerful! Absolutely powerful!

    Thank you for stopping by and following me. I am delighted to follow you in return - with your poetic skills, I'm sure your follower base will quickly build!

  2. v well crafted words dear

  3. @ nidhi...yayyy...your first comment on my blog...:) thank you...:)

    @kittie ...thank you sooooooo much... i had given up on the fact that anybody will read this blog...but yesterday when i read your post Dikembe Mutombo and "Play Big" inspired me..:) thank you for that :)

    @ rita....i know it's you..:) thank you..though my presentation n words require alot more improvement.... one day ..i think i'll eventually get there...:)

    you'll made my day...thanks for stopping by...n much love...